No thx, maam!!

I don’t get this. I just don’t. I was traveling back home after my swimming class. I was dead tired, my muscles crying for relief. I barely managed to get a seat in a DTC bus. People who use the public transport system in delhi will empathise with me. Its pretty screwed up these days, what with 90% of the blue lines taken of the road. So I was happy. But as I was starting to get comfortable in my seat, I felt a nudge from behind. I looked back to find a woman staring back at me. “dikhta nahin bhaisaab….ladies seat hai”, she said in a stern voice, pointing to a faded “mahilayen” sign on the bus. I could feel the other passengers staring at me, and one particular old lady even shook her head in disapproval. I slowly dragged my body up. The woman moved in swiftly, like she was being sucked into vacuum, and occupied the seat with a satisfied grunt, while I looked around for another seat.

Then I got to thinking. Something like this hadn’t happened for the first time. Almost all government services have separate queues for women, which are tiny as compared to the men’s queue. The other day on the metro, I heard the announcer go, “kripya viklangon, varishth naagrikon aur mahilayon ke liye seat whatever karein”. What the hell??!!….again mahilayen. Someone needs to knock some sense into the authorities. Physical weakness does not necessarily amount to less stamina. Women are as stout as men, if not more. Heck, even their average lifespan is around 5 years more.

The government’s reason for the segragation might be to prevent eveteasing and harrasement. But that hasn’t really worked out, has it?. Perverts will be perverts, and they’ll find a way around anything. Why should the good guys ( that would be me in this case 🙂 ) suffer?. A long shot, but maybe if the sexes are allowed to intermingle a bit, we might be able to curb this menace to some extent.

Some people (especially ladies themselves) might argue its all about chivalry and courtesy. I don’t buy that. There was hardly anything chivalrous about giving my seat to a strange, obnoxious woman on the bus. Plus we do not live in the middle ages anymore. Back then, women used to sit at home and do homely chores. They had little or no say in political, economical or social issues. Trends have changed, and for the better I suspect. I am all for women power. But then again u can’t have the best of both worlds. In the 21st century, it’s every man / woman / eunuch for himself / herself / itself.


3 Responses to “No thx, maam!!”

  1. vivek Says:

    well nicely written keede.. i truly empathize with u.. was in delhi a week ago and exactly the same thing happened to me 😦

  2. Vivek Says:

    bhai!! kuch aur post karo yaar

  3. perrybowers13544 Says:

    Hello, This is my first comment.u00a0 I will add to this site a few times a week as I contemplate this chaotic crazy world and give my own personal cr Click

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